Fan mail Friday

Wow, am I behind on answering mail again! Sorry, folks–that’s what happens when you’re a writer on deadline, and I’m juggling TWO of them…

I have some great fan art to share with you this week, though. First up is a wonderful group portrait of the book club girls by Claire.

Claire's art

(As always, if you click on any picture here on my blog, it should enlarge for you.)

Claire, I love your attention to detail — Cassidy with her hockey stick (and Chloe!), Becca on her cell phone, Megan shopping (!), Jess with one of her goats and a book bag, and Emma reading (of course!), with Pip peeking out from behind her. Brilliant! Thank you so much for sending this to me!

It’s interesting, this week as I started in on my pile of mail again after neglecting it sadly for a bit, I found that I’d received letters from a wide range of locations. Claire is from the United States (Tennessee, to be exact), while this next piece of artwork is from Zoie, a reader in Canada (Ontario, to be exact):

Zoie's art (1)

Thanks, Zoie! I love this card!! And I love what you added inside, too:

Zoie's art (2)

Because who doesn’t love PIE on their birthday? Or any day? Funny thing is, we often have pie instead of cake for family birthdays, because we are all serious pie fanatics. When my oldest son was just a toddler, he requested pumpkin pie for his birthday, with Teddy Grahams marching around on it. We were happy to oblige!

Continuing with our world tour, let’s hop from Canada on to my final treat for you today, which comes from two sisters living in MALTA!!!  (Click on the link to learn more, or look it up on a map.) How cool is that? I have readers in Malta!

This picture is by Amy, who also told me that she has nine tortoises for pets. How exotic! I would dearly love to meet them.

Amy's artDon’t you just love this drawing? I do!  You’re a wonderful artist, Amy. I love Jess and her braid, Megan with her stylish outfit, and Cassidy with her Red Sox T-shirt (by the way, GO RED SOX!). Well done!

I’m giving Amy’s sister Megan the final word today. This made me laugh out loud. I absolutely love it — wouldn’t it be great on a T-shirt? Thank you, Megan!

Megan's art



20 thoughts on “Fan mail Friday”

  1. All of those drawings are, as Wolfgang would say, FABULOUS! 😉 I love how all the characters are dressed and doing exactly what their characters would do. Heather, I was wondering, is there going to be another book after Absolutely Truly? (fingers crossed!) 🙂

  2. Awe, I’m glad you liked the card Mrs. Frederick! And Claire, Amy, and Megan, you all are such talented artists! I loved all the detail you put into your art! <3

  3. I love all the artwork!

    I was wondering….Mrs. Frederick, can you give us some updates on your 2 books, MDBC #7 and Yours Truly?

    • Let’s see, MDBC #7 is FINISHED and off to the COPY EDITOR (who keeps me in line with grammar, punctuation, and all the details). The designers are working on the cover. I should have a sneak preview of the cover and the story in a bit here, as soon as it’s given green lights and thumbs up. Still no word on an official publication date, but I’ll let you all know as soon as I do. As for YOURS TRULY, I’m living in Pumpkin Falls (in my head, at least) these days working on Truly’s new adventure…

  4. The fan art are beautiful!
    I was wondering if you would post a Saturday Story Starter anytime soon?
    Sorry for asking so often, I just love writing!
    Congrats on your two books and I can’t wait to read them!
    Have a great summer!

  5. Thank you! I was starting to think that our letters got lost in the post.
    Glad to see they arrived safely!

  6. How sweet!!! The MDBC has really talented fans!! Mrs. Frederick, I was wondering when the preview to to Mother Daughter Book Camp was going to come out??

    • The manuscript is with the copy editor right now, Courtenay, and as soon as I get a thumbs up from her, I’ll post the preview. Probably a couple more weeks…

  7. Mrs. Frederick, the MDBC books are my favorite books ever, and I can’t wait for the next book! I was so afraid that Wish You Were Eyre was the last! I’m so glad that there is another book coming!!!

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