Fan Mail Friday

So how many other writers have been immortalized in CAKE?! Am I the most fortunate author in the world or what?!

Stephanie's Wish You Were Eyre Cake

This is lovely Stephanie’s WISH YOU WERE EYRE cake that she dreamed up for her middle school’s “Bake A Book” activity.

Cool, huh?

I absolutely adore everything about this confection — the Eiffel Tower, the dresses, the pastel-colored macarons dancing around the edge – it’s pure genius!

THANK YOU for sending me these pictures, Stephanie!

I love your creativity and am honored you chose my book to “bake”!  🙂

8 thoughts on “Fan Mail Friday”

  1. Hi! I recently visited Concord on vacation, and one thing that I noticed was that all the houses in the town were built according to a very similar style. I looked for a Victorian house with a spire, but I didn’t see one. :(. I was wondering, since all the houses in Concord look the same, why did you choose for all the house styles in Mother-Daughter Book Club to be so unique?

    • Hmmm. If you were only on the Main Street part of Concord, yes, most of the homes are Colonial style. But the house next to our (Colonial style) home where I grew up is a Cape Cod, just like the Hawthornes, and it’s definitely still there, and not the only Cape Cod style in town. And there are definitely a few Victorians sprinkled here and there. (Including one or two on Hubbard Street — one has a square tower, not a round one, but still definitely a Victorian). Also modern houses like Megan Wong’s, and farms like Jess Delaney’s! You’re going to have to go back again, Anna, and do some more looking! 🙂

  2. That’s so cute and creative! 🙂 I think it’s especially cool since Jess took that cake decorating class with her mom earlier in the series..I think maybe in Pies & Prejudice? 😉

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