MDBC how-to guide

Want to start a mother-daughter book club of your own?  My friend Cindy Hudson‘s fabulous Book by Book: The Complete Guide to Creating Mother-Daughter Book Clubs is on sale throughout the month of May in e-book format for $1!  What a bargain!

Click here and go to “Buy this Book,” then follow the link to the online retailer of your choice.



24 thoughts on “MDBC how-to guide”

  1. that’s so cool! I think I will look that book up!

    miss heather? I have a quick question-

    in pies and prejudice it starts off with- -“your moving to England?” Jess’s blue eyes well up with tears.-

    (key word here -BLUE- eyes) and on the cover of the first book that girl on there is supposed to be jess and she has brown eyes.
    that’s all I wanted to say, its not really a question. but I just wanted to share my thoughts 🙂

    hi everyone! I have started a blog about the mdbc girls! please come and visit it! here is the link!-

    PLEASE come and visit it!

    • Yep — that was a little boo-boo on the design front. Miscommunication, apparently. Jess really DOES have blue eyes! 😉

  2. oh and miss heather? I have a really quick question, are the fashion faux paws copy-writed? because I would like to use that in my blog. use it as in, take pictures myself and write about them. not your words from your book just that idea. and my blog does not make any revenue (I think that’s the right word for it.) my blog does not make any money is what I mean to say. sorry if I am not making sense.

    • I think that’s fine. I’d be careful about posting photos of real people, though — you don’t want to get in the kind of trouble that Megan did! And you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings…

      • Ya of course! I was thinking of getting pictures of the internet. :0)
        So if you all out there want to see some fashion faux paus. Come to my blog! The link is in above comments that i have posted!


        Stay sweet!
        -daisy star <3

    • Older than they were in the 6th book ha ha. 🙂 In other words, you’ll have to wait and see…

  3. Heather is it wrong to want to write about things that other probably would consider writing about, like i don’t know just i feel like i should in my books address “parts” of life that others likely wouldn’t in their writing

    • I think it’s right to write about the things that make your heart sing. Don’t tackle something because you feel you “should” or “shouldn’t.” Write about what moves you. My two cents.

    • You write what you love. Even if other people have the same ideas! Books are so good because the author writes in what she loves and believes!

      I wouldn’t be writing otherwise!!!


  4. Hi! I am already in a MDBC! I was wondering how you will be able to come to my next book club meeting? If not, what is your skype username? We would love to have you! We read he first MDBC for our first book! I have read the whole series 3 times each! I really hope you keep writing, so I will keep reading! Have a good summer, if I don’t hear from you before!

    P.S. You do NOT have to do this- but, if you want, you could visit my library! – I am PROBALLY asking too much, but I was just giving you the option! Thanks!

    • Emily, the way it works is to have a mom (or librarian/teacher/other adult) contact me through the “contact” page on my website. We’ll work out the details from there. 🙂 I love Skype visits with book clubs!

    • Good question, Emily! I’m not sure I gave her one. Hmmm. Will have to go back and double-check. If I didn’t, maybe I’ll give her one in the 7th book haha.

      • do so cause my sister can recite all of their names, full names at that, the girls names, oh, I can’t remember what his name is but my sister brought up while she was reading one of the books that I think Ethan’s appearances disappeared and some other persons name replaced his, I was, and she was kind of wondering what happened to him, I think he reappears though, it was either him or Third that “left”

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