Q&A with yours truly

Couldn’t resist, sorry!

Heather Vogel Frederick

I know that Yours Truly is the title of one of my books, but I really truly do also have a Q&A with moi to share with you. (Oops, there I go again …)

Click here to read it.

And that’s not all! Click here if you’d like to read the “Page 69 Test” for Really Truly. It’s absolutely truly fun!

(What?! Did I just do that again? I did.)

35 thoughts on “Q&A with yours truly”

  1. Do you think you’d ever do another Mother Daughter Book Club book maybe about them grown as adults? I think it’d be very interesting to hear about them as adults. I’ve read all your books and enjoy them a lot!

  2. how did you pick the names for your character like Truly? Where there other names you where deciding for your character but instead chose a different one?

    • Names just come to me! I keep a notebook of interesting names that I hear or read about or pick up somehow here and there. In the first Mother-Daughter Book Club, Jess Delaney was originally Joy. I love the name Joy, but it wasn’t quite right for her. Finally settled on Jess and it’s perfect (at least I think so).

  3. Hi I have a question I haven’t seen anyone ask.. well it’s a few questions but anyway it’s about being a author.

    1: what’s the best part about being a published author?
    2: what’s the worst part?
    3: what’s the weirdest?
    4: what’s the funniest!
    5: have you always been a author or is it kinda like a hobby or do/did you have another job. If you’ve always been an writer what is another job you would do instead of writing?! Ily books they are by far the best I have one last question:
    Would you relate any other middle grade books close to yours that you would recommend fans of your books to read.
    Thank you so much for reading this crazy long ridiculously long obnoxious comment but when i saw this I had all these questions (and more) to ask you!!!
    Your a wonderful author and I love your books you’ve inspired me in a bunch of different ways thank you again!!!

    • Oh gosh, not a crazy long ridiculously long obnoxious comment at all! 🙂 Let me see how many of your questions I can answer speedily here: 1. Having books with my name on them! Still surreal after all these years! 2. Wishing I could write faster/better. 3. I can go to work in my pajamas. 4. Funniest? That I seriously can earn a living by JUST MAKING STUFF UP. Ha! Best job ever. I’ve had a number of jobs, but most related to writing. I started out as a newspaper reporter, which was great training for a future novelist. I wrote fiction exclusively for almost 20 years, but these days I have a day job as well, researching and writing for a museum in Boston (Longyear Museum). I love having colleagues again and working as part of a team! and I can still write fiction in my spare time. Just not as much or as fast. 🙂


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