Q&A with yours truly

Couldn’t resist, sorry!

Heather Vogel Frederick

I know that Yours Truly is the title of one of my books, but I really truly do also have a Q&A with moi to share with you. (Oops, there I go again …)

Click here to read it.

And that’s not all! Click here if you’d like to read the “Page 69 Test” for Really Truly. It’s absolutely truly fun!

(What?! Did I just do that again? I did.)

30 thoughts on “Q&A with yours truly”

  1. Do you think you’d ever do another Mother Daughter Book Club book maybe about them grown as adults? I think it’d be very interesting to hear about them as adults. I’ve read all your books and enjoy them a lot!

  2. how did you pick the names for your character like Truly? Where there other names you where deciding for your character but instead chose a different one?


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