Saturday Story Starter

Look where I was earlier this week!

Kimball Farm ice cream 2016

Seriously the best ice cream ever.

So this month’s story starter is simple:  write about ice cream!  Your favorite flavor, your favorite place to buy it (or maybe you prefer to make it?), your favorite time of year to eat it, your favorite ice cream memory — or perhaps something entirely different, but it has to involve ice cream in some way…

(And in case you’re wondering, the flavor in my cup is Coffee Turtle  — mmmmmmmmmmm!)

Ready, set, WRITE!

For those of you who haven’t participated before, Saturday Story Starter is purely for fun, just a way to exercise those writing muscles (think of it as Heather’s Literary Gym). There are no prizes, only the simple joy of putting words on paper (well, OK, on the computer screen). Also, I won’t be offering critiques, just brief words of encouragement, but I will read all your entries, that I can promise! (And if you’d like to read some of the earlier stories that have been shared, click here and click here and click here and click here and here and click here and here and click here and hereand here and here and here and here and here and here andhere and here and here to browse to your heart’s content…)

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  1. Hi Mrs. Vogel-Frederick!
    My name is Cara.I live in Fairfield County, CT. I am 11 years old and this year I am going into 6th grade. I started reading the mother-daughter book club series in 3rd grade. Still to this day I reread them over and over again. In school, my favorite subject is reading, but I was really looking forward to improve my writing skills. My teacher helped me to grow a lot. This year I was chosen to read my essay for graduation. I wanted to thank you for teaching me these techniques through your books. Here’s a really short story that is just a first draft that I can improve on.

    I hopped off of the school bus and skipped all the way home. Yes, I was too old for skipping, but never too old to be happy that it was finally summer! As I sprinted up the last steps leading up to my house, my mom opened the door. “Happy summer sweetie!”
    “Thanks!” I replied as I rushed into my house. There my sister was, all ready to head to Kimball Farm. As my sister Cate parked her car, I ran up to the door and stared into the glass at the delicious, mouth watering, ice cream. I settled on getting my favorite flavor-Coffee Turtle. As it got handed to me over the counter, I couldn’t help but to take a bite. My eyes closed as I took in all of this. I headed outside to a bench. The delicious ice cream had melted and make my hands sticky. I looked at the butterflies and bees. The whole place had such a wonderful summer vibe. Summer 2016 was going to be the best summer ever.

    my fav ice cream is a tie between plain chocolate or mint chocolate chip
    i LOVE coldstone creamery…….SUMMER

  3. Sometimes we don’t realize how good things really are, until they are no longer, simply put good. We don’t notice the sun until it rains, or the leaves until they fall. We aren’t thankful for the smallest things, until they aren’t as present and it is then we consider how thankful we once should have been.

  4. Ice cream is one of the things that no matter who you are or where you live people love it. It’s one of the few things that has so much variety that every person can find a flavour they like. Ice cream has stood by as tonsil removing patients healed, it has celebrated with birthday cake at yearly celebrations, it has watched the tears of broken hearts roll. It’s something that brightens days, unless of course you realize that somebody else has ate yours…
    I’ve seen the happiness it has gave my dairy free sister when she noticed the dairy free ice cream sandwiches last week and the endless happiness from being a kid in the back seat trying to catch every spot before it drips. It’s created wonder when I noticed how my dad had dissolved his large cone before my tiny one. It has made lots of family bonding moments, as well as other not so family bonding moments when the ice cream in the freezer is no longer there. Lastly, ice cream is even a part of one of my favourite parts of Wish you Were Eyre, when Simon and Megan share some on France. Ice cream is kind of a incredible thing, it’s a universal thing that draws us together amid our differences and it tastes pretty amazing too.

    I thought it would be fun if we all said our favourite kinds!
    So, here are mine y’all!

    Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked = cookie dough and brownie perfection aka my kinda friday night party food.
    Bubblegum= a favourite, although i can’t believe all the bubblegum I swallowed!
    The kind with turtles (the chocolates) inside =Ok getiing hungry now!
    Strawberry= It’s pink, doesn’t get much better, unless you are a pink despising Cassidy Sloane
    Vanilla= Just because Apple and Pie and Birthday Cake NEEDS it…

    • Love this! And love your list of faves. Mine include strawberry (of course — I am so Emma!), mint chip, maple walnut, and mocha almond.

  5. I will tell you a story about the time I ate something that I thought was ice cream but wasn’t.

    My family decided that we would go to Canada for summer break and we stayed at this one hotel. Breakfast came with it. It was like a buffet. There was a table full of sweets and I saw a plate with scoops of white creamy like balls. I thought it was vanilla ice cream. I guess I didn’t really think about how weird it was to have ice cream for breakfast. There was a knife on the plate and I was thinking to myself, “Why would they use knives to serve ice cream?” I didn’t think twice and got myself a big scoop. The lady next to the table looked at me like I was crazy as I did that. I went back to my table and got a small amount of “ice cream” on my spoon. I put it in my mouth and it tasted like fat and cream. It was then that I realized it wasn’t ice cream at all! I quickly spit it out on a napkin and found out it was butter! Eeew! I love butter but only on bread and incorporated into cookies or cakes, but by itself is just plain disgusting. I am not judging other people who like to eat butter by itself though. I hope you had a good laugh at this story! 🙂 (Also, I am really bad at writing, so please don’t criticize, thanks.)

  6. Madge was sick of hanging out with the girls she had known from second grade on. It was a weird thing to say without more information, but let’s just say the kind girls Madge had always felt comfortable with, became the girls that she loved and were still kind, but felt uncomfortable and out of place with. They were suddenly out of it. Ice cream trucks, national geographic kids, telling bad puns, and sleepovers where we planned out our lives in our favorite books. Now it was no ice cream, someone was on a diet or trying to lose wait or yada. Outgrowing those magazines of mature, instead fashion. Puns are gone, and instead of planning out lives in fiction, lives for the future, a schedule implanted on their phone. She still loved them, and they didn’t try to force her into anything, but she still felt out of place. They still supported her, but…. She decided to get ice cream. A frozen brain would help at least pause her predicament for a few moments. As she ate her cookie dough, and her mint chocolate chip, she decided what she would do. They were still supporting her, not forcing her into anything, still accepting, it just felt funny, the change of attitude. Of course, she almost decided against staying friends until one came in, obviously looking for her and ordered ice cream to talk to her about her fanfiction she hadn’t written herself into. Madge realized things would be fine, and finished off her ice cream, it really had helped her decision.

  7. I didn’t know kimball farm was real! Where is it? I’m kinda new at writing short stories so sorry if it’s not very good. I hope you like it! And the guy’s name is Tristan because I love that name so much! {Ice cream & surprises}
    “Where are we going?” I ask Tristan my boyfriend of 3 years after we say goodbye to my parents and are walking to his car. “Jimer’s! Your favorite ice cream place that we went to on our first date!” He says as he takes my hand and kisses it as he opens the car door for me. “That definitely sounds like the perfect date!” I say excitedly. “I thought so too!” He says. (A while has past…) As we arrive at Jimer’s and get in line Tristan raps his arm around me and kisses my forehead. “What are you getting Jane?” He says. “A swirl ice cream cone with sprinkles. You?” I say. “Same, but no sprinkles.” He says. We get our ice cream and go sit at a picnic table. It’s so romantic here with the 50’s music, the lights strung across the trees, and the sun setting… It’s just perfect! I look up from my ice cream and see Tristan laughing at something. “What are you laughing at?” I say. “You have ice cream on your nose Jane!” He says still laughing while he gets a napkin and hands it to me. After we finish our ice cream Tristan says, “Um, before we go do you want to take a walk?” He says nervously. “I’d love too!” I say as I grab his hand. After we’ve walked a bit Tristan stops and takes both of my hands in his and looks into my eyes. We both smile and his eyes are getting a bit red and while I’m wondering why I notice he’s getting down on one knee. When he does I know what he’s about to say and I start crying. “Jane Elisabeth Bates, I love you and I want to be with you for the rest of my life! Will you marry me?” He says with tears in his eyes. “Yes!” I say looking like an idiot I’m crying so much, but I don’t care because the man I love just asked me to marry him! I love getting ice cream!

  8. This is actually a true story!

    My grandparents have one of those old-fashioned ice cream makers. You know, where you put salt and ice in one part, and on the inside, the mix, put newspaper around the whole thing, and crank the handle, and…. Voila! Ice cream!

    So one day they had a birthday party for someone in the family. We all helped make peach ice cream. But, something went wrong with the maker, and when we stuck in our spoons, ready to taste delicious, fresh peach ice cream, it tasted… SALTY?!?!

    Yup, salty. The ice and salt leaked into the mixture, and, well, “saltified” the whole batch. Good thing there was cake!!!

    That actually happened to me a few summers ago!!

  9. I pull out a five dollar bill to pay for my cone when Johnny grabs my hand and pulls it out of my wallet. He grabs out a ten dollar bill from his own wallet and hands it to the cashier. I sigh and place my wallet in my back pocket. We walk out of Coldstone and sit down at one of the tables. He glances my way and smiles.
    “You didn’t need to do that,” I say.
    “It was my treat, Suzie, the least you can do is let me pay for it.” I roll my eyes. He gives me the impish grin he always gives me when i roll my eyes at him. I’m fifteen and not actually able to date yet. My parents only let me go when they found out that we weren’t going alone…and that my sister was coming. The point though, is that her boyfriend was coming too, therefore they were not with us right now. Our group dispersed out in many ways once the movie was over. Bob and Marcia had went to get coffee and dropped us off.
    My sister is trying to set me up with Johnny. Well, i’m not entirely against it. We met a little under two years ago. We’ve hung out every once in a while since. My sixteenth birthday is in two weeks, April 18, to be precise. Then I can date. Except I already have plans for the nineteenth. And I have a set date to prom, the first saturday of May. I’m going with Johnny to his prom, then he’s going to mine a week later. I’ve never been more excited for anything before. Marcia and I have already snuck out to look at prom dresses for the both of us. I’m a junior(i skipped a grade) and she’s a senior.
    Johnny gives me a sweet look again. We’re sitting side by side and his hand brushes mine under the table. his fingers clasp mine. I smile softly. He turns to look at me. We eat our ice cream in silence. Both of us end up with remnants of ice cream on our lips, at least mine is easy to cover. All I got today was vanilla, he got cotton candy, the brightest blue ever. We stand to grab napkins and I burst out laughing looking at the blue smears on his lips.
    “What?” he says. I just smile and shake my head. There is a moment of silence…then he leans in toward me. I find myself doing the same thing. There is a charged second, then our lips meet. We stay like this for a few moments. Then we both pull away, slightly embarressed. It doesn’t take long for us to compose ourselves. He grabs my hand and doesn’t let go.
    “Suzie,” he doesn’t finish his sentence before he has his lips locked on mine again. I don’t know what to do or think. The only time I have ever been kissed is in shows. And never had i felt this sure of myself while kissing someone. I feel the brush of my hair leave my neck and instead feel the brush of his skin. he pulls me closer to him. Then I remember that we are outside of coldstone creamery. I pull back and start back toward the table. I slump down into the chair and put my head in my hands. I slowly massage my temples.
    “Am I that bad of a kisser,” Johnny asks. I laugh at that and shake my head.

  10. This is a little memory of when I was five that I like to look back on when I eat ice cream!

    Ding-dong, ding-dong! The faint sound of cheerful music caught my attention as I sank into our big, comfy couch. I sat up on my knees on the cushion, turned my small legs so my stomach leaned against the back of the couch, and peered through the window directly above the couch. I pressed my tiny nose against the clear glass, and through the leafy branches of a tree in our front yard, a splotch of bright orange caught my eye. As the splotch moved forward past the tree, a bus-like vehicle came into view and I realized that it was the cause of the dreamy music that was usually played at carnivals. A big car and carnival music, I thought. That could only mean one thing- the ice cream truck! I craved the sweet taste of ice cream on my tongue in the especially hot weather. I turned back around and ran to Mommy, who was in the dining room. I reached up, tugging on the sleeve of her red t-shirt yelling, “Mommy! Mommy! Can I please get some ice cream? Pretty please, with a cherry on top?”
    “Okay, sure!” Mommy replied, with a smile.
    Mom held my itty bitty hand in her big one and walked me out the door. A sudden burst of light hit my eyes the same time that the smell of freshly cut grass slapped me in the nose, and I knew that it was the perfect summer day. Mommy and I walked to the end of our driveway just barely missing the ice cream truck and luckily, it stopped, the driver spotting us at the last second.
    “What would you like?” he asked.
    Mommy squeezed my hand and nodded towards the truck, gesturing to the pictures of different ice cream cones on the side of the truck. I scanned each picture until my eyes landed on one.
    “That one,” I said, pointing to the picture of the ice cream cone that caught my eye.
    “That’ll be $1.50,” the truck driver said.
    Mommy reached into the pocket of her black pants, pulled out a dollar and two quarters, and slid them on the counter towards the driver.
    In return, he handed her what I knew was the ice cream cone packaged in a white wrapper.
    “What do you say?” Mommy asked.
    “Thank you,” I said to the driver, showing my baby teeth through a grin.
    “You’re welcome,” the driver answered, a smile forming on his face as well.
    As the truck drove away, Mommy ripped open the wrapper and carefully handed the cone to me. I eagerly bit through the dried chocolate crust on top of the vanilla ice cream, savoring the cold and sweet taste in my mouth. From then on, eating ice cream outside in the summertime has become one of my favorite things to do with my mom!

  11. Kimball Farm is a real place???!!! Cool! Here’s my story:

    “Mommy! Me wants ice cream!” my little brother, Sammy, shrieks.

    “Yes, Samuel, I know,” Mom replies tiredly. “Lizabeth, get down here before Sammy explodes!”

    “Coming, Mom!” I yell down the stairs. I put the finishing touches on my latest art piece, I Scream for Ice Cream. It depicts a young girl from the side eating an ice cream cone.

    We’re soon at Kimball Farm, my favorite ice cream shop EVER. Seriously, it is the bomb!

    “I’ll have coffee turtle,” I tell the lady at the front of the shop. Sammy orders chocolate, and when handed his kid cone, he promptly smears it all over his face. I neatly proceed to take a dainty, ladylike bite.

    Best. Ice cream. Ever!

    By the way, my favorite flavor is French Vanilla and I like it from Tillamook Farm. Mmmmmm.

    • Funny! Tillamook Farm. Mmmm. Have you visited the factory in Tillamook? We used to love to take our boys there when we lived in Oregon! 🙂

  12. Frozen Dreams: A Summer Story

    Ricky’s P.O.V
    As I was walking around the neighborhood, I stopped and gazed at the café. I snorted. Zane would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. He still had a sign on his café with the letters that spelled Ricky’s in red font. He wanted a second chance. He wanted to prove that he could be a good boyfriend. I was tired of on-again-off-again relationships. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of seeing me give in again. Truthfully, I missed him. I missed walking by the beach with him, teasing him, going on a picnic with him, looking at the sunset together, and the basic fact that we had each other. I should get over it. He had made way too many mistakes for me to forgive him. I would have given him a second chance if he hadn’t kissed Sophie. Zane was way too immature. He thought that he could get away with it but I wasn’t going to let him off the hook so easily. Also, I couldn’t date a guy who was so jealous of my one of my closest friends; Will. Will was a sweet guy and he understood the mermaid part of my life. Zane didn’t. He didn’t get the dangers involved with being a mermaid.
    “Ricky!” A familiar voice called me.
    I snapped out of my daydream. Oh boy, it was Zane calling me.
    “It’s nice to see you again,” Zane greeted me with a gigantic smile.
    He was always so cheerful but sometimes I wished he could be more formal.
    “Likewise,” I replied.
    “Likewise, that doesn’t sound like you,” Zane noted.
    “I am way too tired to tease you today,” I stated.
    Zane squeezed my arm.
    “Are you coming in?” Zane asked.
    “Not today,” I replied.
    “Let me guess, you are going to Mako Island?” Zane guessed.
    “Maybe,” I confided and walked away.
    I noticed Bella walking towards the beach.
    “Are you going to Mako?” Bella asked.
    “Yeah I need to clear my head,” I admitted.
    I could feel Bella staring at me with a confused look on her face but I kept going. I didn’t feel like hanging out with her right now. I was out of luck though because Cleo was coming my way. I walked faster and made it to the ocean. My phone buzzed as I was about to go in the water. Cleo called an emergency meeting! Oh no, what if we were in danger? Well, I was about to find out!
    Cleo’s P.O.V
    I can’t believe my sister, Kim, thinks she is better than me! Well, she always has but even more so when she made a new friend named Mackenzie Williams. All I know is that she is a fashion designer who has met celebrities and she promised Kim that she will introduce her! I guess that’s nice but now my annoying little sister is even more aggravating than she was before!
    “What’s the big emergency?” Ricky asked.
    She seemed kind of annoyed.
    “Sorry, I am just having problems with my sister,” I informed her.
    Bella could sense that wasn’t all.
    “Go on,” Bella encouraged me.
    “Kim met this girl named Mackenzie Williams and now she keeps ordering me around and warning me not to embarrass her!” I stated loudly.
    “Chill Cleo, what’s the big deal?” Ricky asked.
    Even Bella thought that I was overreacting.
    “She thinks Mackenzie is so special just because she’s met Hollywood actors and actresses,” I continued.
    “Maybe she’s nice,” Bella consoled me.
    “Maybe she’s a bigger jerk than Charlotte,” I said.
    “At least she is just a fourteen year old,” Ricky replied.
    “How do you?” I asked.
    “I just looked her up on face book,” Ricky informed us.
    “Cool hair,” Bella noted.
    It was true. Mackenzie had light pink extensions that looked chic. She seemed like an out of the box designer and even though I wasn’t big on change, I kind of liked it.
    “Who’s she?” A girl with blonde hair and pink extensions asked my sister.
    That must be Mackenzie!
    “I’m Kim’s older sister, Cleo,” I said.
    “Yeah and she was just leaving,” Kim muttered through her gritted teeth.
    “She is so pretty,” Mackenzie complimented.
    “We are her friends,” Bella stated.
    “We are going to the mall so yeah,” Kim announced as if that would scare us off.
    “We love the mall,” Ricky spoke up.
    “Let’s go then,” Mackenzie replied and we all walked together.
    I could tell Kim was impressed by the way she was acting. Normally, she would start acting bossy.
    “So, where do you live?” I asked Mackenzie.
    “My Aunt Olive and I live in an apartment,” Mackenzie told us.
    “By the way, you can call me Mickey,” Mackenzie continued.
    “So, have you met any movie stars?” Ricky asked.
    “A couple,” Mickey admitted and blushed profusely.
    “Did you meet Joe Jonas?” Bella asked.
    “Not yet but I did meet Victoria Vanderweil, Zendeya, Bella Thorne, Cameron Boyce, Booboo Stewart, Sofia Carson, Dove Cameron, and Ryan Mccartan,” Mickey replied.
    “Ooh Ryan is so dreamy,” Ricky said.
    We stared at her. We had no idea she had a celebrity crush!
    “She even got to design a party dress for Victoria Vaderweil’s granddaughter,” Kim announced.
    “It was not easy,” Mickey began.
    “Please,” Kim waved her comment off.
    “It turned out wonderful!” Kim continued.
    “It was hard because Victoria’s granddaughter told me what she wanted; balloons, spaghetti, and rainbows,” Mickey recalled.
    “Ugh that’s lame,” Ricky said.
    “It was but it turned out cool if I do say so myself,” Mickey replied.
    The song Wildside blared from Mickey’s phone.
    “Sorry, that’s mine,” Mickey apologized.
    “Hi JC,” She greeted and I swear she looked like she was blushing.
    “No, I am coming back next week,” Mickey continued.
    “Okay bye,” Mickey said and hung up.
    “JC is just a friend,” Mickey informed us.
    “Is he cute?” Kim teased.
    “Sure whatever,” Mickey confirmed but acted as if she didn’t care.
    “I bet he is cuter than Cameron Boyce,” Kim singsonged.
    “Stop it,” I ordered.
    “He is,” Mickey mumbled.
    “I am going to call my mom, it was nice meeting you,” Mickey continued and waved goodbye. Kim kept pestering her new friend.
    “I have band practice,” Bella said and I decided to accompany her.
    “I want to go for a swim,” Ricky decided.
    As she put her feet in the water, she forgot the world again. Being a mermaid really calmed her down. It was her escape. She loved swimming more than her other friends. She had always been a loner type of girl anyway. She didn’t have to worry about her dad, school, Zane, anything. She could just swim and feel free. She swam all the way to Mako Island when she noticed that the water in the moon pool was frozen. Just then, she came face to face with her biggest enemy, Sophie.
    Sophie’s P.O.V
    I was calmly looking for shells when that annoying weird girl had to bump into me. She thinks she is so great just because she used to date Zane. The weird thing is that she always plays hard to get. I feel bad for Zane. He still likes her and tries to hang out with her. I don’t get it. I mean there are plenty of other girls for him like me.
    “What are you doing here?” Ricky asked me as if she owned the place.
    “Looking for sea shells?” I replied.
    “Are you sure that you aren’t stealing moon crystals?” Ricky pressed.
    “It’s none of your business,” I snapped.
    Ricky sighed. I could tell she was annoyed with me. Like I cared what she thought. We weren’t friends.
    “I am going to the café,” I stated and swam off.
    Ricky ignored me. Bella and the band were playing.
    I can rule it all
    I know all about the sea
    I know about the creatures surrounding me
    Every rock…
    I stopped them.
    “That’s lame,” I said.
    “It’s not your call to make,” Bella told me.
    “I guess we will have to see what Zane thinks,” I replied.
    “Think about what?” Zane asked.
    “Our new song,” Bella replied.
    I can rule it all
    I know all about the sea
    I know about the creature surrounding me
    Every rock, every crevice
    Every hidden thing
    I can watch out for them
    I can protect everything
    With just one touch
    Because I am not ordinary
    I am an extraordinary girl
    From an ordinary world
    I float like a fish
    Move like a dolphin
    I am from the aquatic sea
    I can hear the waves
    The way they are calling me
    For the first in forever
    I’m completely free!!!
    I found my place
    I move with grace
    I know where I belong
    This is where I belong!!!
    Zane clapped.
    “I love it!” Zane exclaimed.
    “Thanks!” Bella, Nate, and Lewis said at the same time.
    I frowned but I knew that I couldn’t complain. Zane was the boss.
    Once Zane was out of earshot, I whispered, “I bet the audience won’t like it.”
    Bella and the band just rolled their eyes. Just then, my brother walked in.
    “Want a juice?” I asked him.
    “Yes, an Orange Supreme,” My brother, Will, said.
    “We ran out, want a smoothie instead?” I pressed.
    “Sure sis,” Will declared but I could tell he was distracted.
    I rolled my eyes. I know I promised him that I would be nicer to Bella but I still had my suspensions with her. She was just so secretive. She looked like an ordinary girl but I was sure she had secrets. What if she had a boyfriend already? What if she wasn’t going to college? Who knew?
    “So Bella, are you doing anything later?” Will asked.
    “Writing a new song,” Bella admitted and blushed to the roots of her hair.
    Honestly! She was already dating my brother but she didn’t have to act like she was still crushing on him! It was infuriating!
    “I bet I know what it’s about,” Will teased and squeezed her arm.
    “Your Banana Berry is ready,” I called snapping him back to reality.
    “Okay sure,” Will replied and went out with Bella.
    My brother was so dumb! All he did was go exploring and hang out with Bella alone or with her friends. I still wasn’t ready to accept that. No, one day he would realize that Bella was just a secretive liar. I would make sure of that.
    Bella’s P.O.V
    Will was coming to my house. We usually spend time at his place so it was weird that he invited himself over. My parents were both working so we had the house to ourselves.
    “Are you sure watching me write is fun for you?” I asked.
    “Yeah and besides if I get bored, I will just look at my phone,” Will replied.
    I giggled. He was just so cute and silly! Well, I better get started. I scribbled the title Believe write across the page and began writing and singing.
    It’s really funny
    To think life is just this simple
    Who does the real work around here?
    Sure parents work all day
    Kids do chores and play
    Teens read and text
    But is that all there is to it?
    No more false pretenses
    No more cover stories and fake ids
    There’s more to the world than this
    Woah oh oh
    Look at them go
    Up there in the sky
    They solve it all way up high
    They have their own world
    Better than our own
    Who are they?
    Unordinary beings
    More than humans that’s why
    We have a planet as great as this
    It’s not perfect
    But hey it’s home right now
    While we are safe at home
    They destroy the villains and protect
    They juggle school and homework
    Crushes and love
    We’re just like them
    So believe in yourself
    And you’ll conquer it all
    Just believe and determinate
    Yeah, yeah, yeah
    Conquer all the obstacles
    Destroy inner demons
    Trust God
    You’ll be a superhero one day
    “Wow, that was an inspiring song,” Will complimented.
    “You think?” I asked sarcastically.
    Will laughed.
    “Are you singing that tomorrow night?” Will questioned mysteriously.
    “Well maybe,” I replied shyly.
    Ricky walked in.
    “We have a major problem!” Ricky exclaimed.
    “No don’t tell, mermaid drama?” Will guessed.
    “Sophie found out we are mermaids and she has proof too,” Cleo said and was tearing up.
    “Don’t worry,” Will consoled her.
    “She is just a human, what can she possibly do?” I questioned, but inside I was nervous.
    Little did I know, talking to her would get a whole lot more complicated.
    Ricky’s P.O.V
    My heart was feeling worried and confused. How could Sophie catch me? We had kept it from her for a whole year. It was impossible! What if Will told her? No, he loved Bella too much.
    She must have been spying on me. She must have suspected that I had a big secret. She must still be jealous that Zane likes me. She shouldn’t have kissed him! I was still dating him even if we didn’t have such a good relationship those last couple of weeks. She had no right to kiss him and he let her! It still made me angry when I thought about it.
    I walked towards my home, my dad finally made enough money to move into an apartment. I liked it here. My bedroom was bigger and I could actually afford pretty much anything I liked. Suddenly, my phone buzzed.
    “Sophie wants to meet us tomorrow,” Cleo texted.
    I ignored the text. I just wanted to sketch. First, I looked at the markers lying on my desk. I smiled. I had left such a mess even for me. I wasn’t that disorganized. But the funny thing was that it is how I felt inside. I grabbed my sea life sketchbook that had a picture of a turtle on it, my favorite sea creature. I opened and started drawing furiously. I almost ripped the page. When I looked at my picture once more, it turned out better than I expected.
    It was an ice cream come with swirls of blue cotton candy and raspberry. I had never even tasted these flavors before. I didn’t like raspberries that much and cotton candy made me think of carnivals and that made me think of Zane so forget it. I closed my sketchbook, turned off my light, and went to sleep. I didn’t know what tomorrow would bring but I was sure of one thing, I could do anything if I had courage and an ice cream to accompany me.
    The End

    • Love this, Mireya! And guess what? I know part of your inspiration cuz I’ve watched “H2O: Just Add Water” — fun show! 🙂

  13. Hi! I’m a huge fan I have read the every one of the MDBC series except the first because one of the teachers at my school borrowed it from the library and hasn’t returned it yet so the library ordered a new one but it hasn’t come yet and I have been waiting half a year.

    • Oh my goodness, half a year! Have you tried ordering it from your local public library? They’re usually much quicker…

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