Toad spotted in the wild

My husband and I have a little ritual every Friday night.  First, we go to Costco for a slice of pizza and a soda.  (Yup, we’re boring and cheap!)  Then we do our grocery shopping.  Then it’s home to curl up with the dogs and watch a DVD.  If the dogs leave us any room on the sofa I was so lucky to find on this site a time ago, that is…

Since this was launch week for my new book, we decided to stop by our local Barnes & Noble on the way home for a little reconnaissance mission, to see if we could spot ONCE UPON A TOAD anywhere in the store.  Eek!  Look what we found!

There it is, front and center on a cool Fables & Fairy Tales endcap display!  I stood there grinning my head off.  (We authors are a little strange, and tend to get all goofy like that.)

Launching a book is like sending a child off into the world — as the proud mama or papa, you’re thrilled to pieces, and at the same time a little anxious.

I have to admit, seeing this made my week.  If any of you are out and about and happen to spot a “Toad” in the wild, take a picture and send it to me, OK?  I’ll post it here on my blog.

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    • Is it just me or are wwe getting more people to blog? The number of people writing is growing! Exiting! 🙂

  1. I just finished it last night! Such a great book! PPPLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSEEE write more about Cat,FG Aby, Olivia, and Geoffery!! If you did end up writing more, would it still be a fractured fairy tale?

  2. OK!! I hope I can go to Barnes & Noble soon. It must be really cool to see your book on the shelf and see YOUR name on it. And be like, ”Wow I actually wrote that!” I hope someday that will be ME!!! It was really cool in the pic though cuz I saw some other books I read like Prince Academy, The Two Princesses of Bamarre, and Fairest. And I think I saw Tiger Rising. I was wondering, when is there going to be a giveaway? Cuz I SO wanna be here for that. YOUR BOOKS ROCK AND SO DO YOU!!! Plus you are really pretty!!! TALENT AND BEAUTY=PERFECT!!

  3. We watch movies on Friday night too! Last night I watched Titanic. K, I’ll try to take a picture of one next time I see it. Today we’re driving to Nashville for a family occasion. Yay! 2 whole hours to read The Voyage of Patience Goodspeed! I see The Tale of Despereaux is also on that shelf. I love that book!

  4. Your title “Toad spotted in the Wild” reminded me of Toad in the Wind in the Willows. I LOVE THAT BOOK!!! I know you do too, b/c you mention it in one of the MDBC books, I can’t remember which one!

    • Yes — Pies & Prejudice, when Mr. Hawthorne reads to his family from it at Christmas time. 🙂

      • Mr. Hawthorne is a very inspiring character. I was sad though for Mrs. Chadwick when she thought Hepzibah Smith was her! (when it was)

  5. I live in Canada and I saw it yesterday in a book store. I would take pictures but I keep forgetting to take my camera. I have read so many of the books in the picture, Fablehaven, The Two Princesses of Bamare, Fairest, A Tale of Two Castles and The Tale of Desperoux. I hasn’t been able to get a copy of Once Upon a Toad because I don’t have any money right at the moment and my library for some reason hasn’t gotten it yet. I REALLY want to read it.

  6. Will there be more giveaways? Like more than one? CANT WAIT TO READ THIS! SQUEEE! oh, did I tell you? It was RAD(read all day) day at my school and I brought Home for the Holidays (i think it was like my 13th time reading it! thats how good your books are :)) and I was reading with this other girl in the sun and she said, “What book are you reading?” I was too busy reading to pay attention… so I just mumbled, “home for the holidays.” and she was just like, “oh.” then later, out of nowhere, she said, “Ohhhh! The mother-daughter book club books! I’ve heard about them before!” This caught my attention. She kept questioning me and asking if they were good. Of course I said they were phenomenal! I think she’s gonna go read your books now, heather! 😀 😀 😀

      • My neighbor came over yesterday, and i asked her if she read MDBC books. She said no, but she had heard of them. My other neighbor, my sister, and i literally stuffed them into her hands and forced her into a chair to read them- and she liked it! She;s hooked- yaaay!

  7. Oh how I yearn for the feeling of seeing my book in print!

    I just got OUAT in the mail… I have to finish reading about Patience before I can read it though!

  8. LOL, this will be almost like Fashionista Jane spotting Fashion Faux Pas out in the wild and posting them online . . . except your book is basically the opposite of a Faux Pas!

  9. WOOHOO! I like Friday night traditions….especially when it comes to pizza!! 😀 My dog takes up the couch too…what are your favorite movies to watch? 😆

    • Love comedies, historical dramas (Downton Abbey! Jane Austen!), thrillers — pretty much everything EXCEPT horror movies. I can’t STAND horror movies!

      • I love those too! I really want to see Downton Abbey! 😀 I am not a horror fan either, but my dad insists on the occasional “Stephen King” movie! (With PLENTY!! of editing!) 🙂 Tonight we are making homemade pizza and watching something called “Misery”…..Hmm…..

          • I had the strangest dreams last night!! I read an MDBC book right before bed, and I had insomnia last night, so when I did sleep, I dreamed that Annie Wilkins was with the Mother-daughter book club! And Jess had a pet pig named Misery.. 😀

      • No horror movies for me, either, Heather 😛 That is so cool!!! I can’t wait to start reading it !!!

        • The night before the Big Reveal of the new cover, I dreamed the winner was an old lady named Aunt Beatrice, she was really ugly, and i had never heard of her. Everyone was saying “You haven’t heard of Aunt Beatrice? You are not a true MDBC fan!” and then i woke up, ran downstairs, and found good old Megs on the cover, and heaved a sigh of relief.

          • Whew! Definitely a relief! No ugly Aunt Beatrices on the horizon, I can promise you! 🙂

  10. Oh, I love Costco pizza! it’s like my favorite. Plus the drinks are cheap so my parents usually get me one. I’m soooo exited about “Once Upon A Toad” and “Wish you were Eyre”. I haven’t gotten my hands on it yet my will read it ASAP!

  11. Heather! i am so happy for you! you deserve that and MORE! i have a question though… what are the real names of the girls in the covers of the MDBC series?

    • Boy, I have no idea. They’re models in NYC who were hired by my publisher’s art department. I think they’re all beautiful!

        • I think Cassidy is the best though- she is really cute. And i love how it seems like in each book the model is older as the girls get older. Maybe it’s just me, but compare Becca to Jess and you’ll see what i mean.

  12. This doesn’t have to do with Once Upon a Toad, but will there be any heart-aching breakups in Wish You Were Eyre? As in, everybody crying and throwing the book across the room? I really need to know!

    • Now Danielle, you have read the other MDBC books, and while there have been some ups and downs, isn’t it obvious that the author loves a happy ending?! 😉

  13. Sounds like an awesome ritual!! 🙂
    I’ve been thinking about Cassidy a lot this weekend, we’re in Burlington, Vermont at the women’s world ice hockey championship… Canada just beat the US 5-4 in sudden death overtime… Cassidy would have loved it… my knee was bouncing like a jackhammer for her… 🙂

  14. Nice ritual that’s the same with my dogs. When we want to go on the couch they’re in the middle and we’re hanging onto the sides.

  15. yeah! i cant wait to read it!!!! i have a question though- if you write more books and have trouble with some things (ex. names for characters) do you think it is possible that you could make a post about it so fans could vote for choices? that would be soooo cool….

  16. OMIGOSH! THAT’S AWESOME! The Princess Academy is up theree!!!!!!! jkjkjk… It’s awesome that YOUR book is up there too! xD

  17. That’s so cool! The book has really gone viral, it seems! Love the pic of yoour dogs 🙂 So cute! Can’t wait to read! <3

  18. I LOVE your books!!! They are like my favorite ever!!!
    I’ve also read some of the books in the picture!! I’m currently reading the Inkheart series, waiting for the next MDBC book. I can’t wait!!!!

  19. congratulations!!!!!That is super exciting. I can’t imagine how it would feel to see a book I wrote in a store!!!!! My sister loves to write (she turned 12 last friday), do you have any tips for her???

    • There are a lot of tips on the “FAQ” (Frequently Asked Questions) page of my website. I’m happy to answer any other specific questions she might have if she wants to email me directly. You’re such a nice sister to be looking out for her like that!

  20. Your dog is so cute!!!! Do they sell Once Apon a Toad at Barns and Nobel?? I was JUST there a few days ago. 🙁 I forgot to look for it! So you Are writing a new MDBC book. right?? Sorry, I’m kinda new around here!!

    • Yep, Barnes & Noble has it. In fact, that’s where I took the picture (so check out the end cap displays, if you don’t see it on the shelf). 🙂 And yes, I’m finishing up MDBC #6, WISH YOU WERE EYRE (coming in September).

      • YAY!!!! I got Home For the Holidays for my birthday in October, and I finished it in about a day or 2, so I REALLY miss the MDBC!!!! Also, yesterday, I got Once Apon a Toad on my kindle, and I just finished it like, 10 min. ago!!! I LOVED IT!!!!! I read it non-stop for as long as I could, whenever I could!!! I eaven read it when I walked home from school!!! (I love how Cat calls the fake elvis dude Bald Elvis!!!) It is so funny!!!!!! The MDBC series is my fav. series in THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD and guess what?? I think Once Apon a Toad is right up there with it!!!! :):)

        • Wow Natalie, thank you! And what fun — wish I could have seen you walking and reading. That’s a skill I haven’t mastered yet…

          • Your so welcome! I really sad right now because I’m not reading a very good book. In fact, I don’t even think I have read it today, and I am a HUGE reader!! Maybe you should try walking and reading at home first. You just ave to kinda look at the side of the page so you can see the side walk a little bit. I know this might be a little overwhelming since you just wrote it, but, are you planning on writing a second book to the Once Apon a Toad book?? I hope so!!

          • Sorry! A few more things: I think you should See if you could get the mother daughter book club to become a movie!! think of how good it would be!!! (Do you choose the girls on the front? Cause if so, just use them for the actors!)
            also, are you coming to Austin Texas soon?? If you do, you should go to the book store called Book People!! You should check their website out. Sorry, I think I write to much stuff on my comments!!

          • Movies aren’t up to the author, Natalie — somebody in Hollywood has to make that happen. Would be nice, though! And dang, I was just in Austin last fall. I don’t think I’m headed back there for a while. 🙁

          • Oh Well, hopfully some smart movie person will see and read the MDBC and dicide to make a movie out of it!! when thw new MDBC comes out, can I send you mine though mail and then you can sign it and send it back to me??

          • Yes, Natalie = there are directions for sending me books to autograph on the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page of my website. Basically, you can send me any book, any time, as long as you include a self-address, STAMPED mailer so I can send it back to you! Happy to do this any time. 🙂

  21. I can’t wait for summer! I’ll have so much more time to do what I want. If you think about school takes up about 9 hrs of daytime with getting ready, homework, and being there. (My average schoolday is 7 and a half hours, so this time may vary from person to person) I can’t wait! Who else is ready for sumer?

  22. Heather, when is the exerpt for Wish You Were Eyre coming out???!!! When is the actual book coming out??!!! I love your books so much, can’t wait to read Once Upon A Toad! I am a writer as well and hope that one day I can experience the same feeling. <3 Mary

    • Actual book: September 11. Sneak peek excerpt: probably early summer. I hope you experience the feeling too someday!

      • uhhhh, how can I wait?! I have a quick question, what ever happened to Third and Ashley? Weren’t they an item in the third book, but then in Home for the Holidays Ashley is teasing Becca about Third? I was kind of confused. <3 Mary

        • There’s a reason for your confusion — the AUTHOR got a little confused! Heh heh. However, middle school and high school relationships are fairly fluid, with frequent breakups and swaps and all that, and Third and Ashley were just a brief blip on the radar screen. Third has now turned his attention to Becca…

      • Oh. The book comes out on the anniversary of 9/11? That’s kind of sad. Maybe your book will lift peoples spirits if they have lost someone 🙁

  23. Just started reading Pride and Prejudice today . . . it sucked me right in! I was a goner from the minute I read the first line. Shall we chant it in unison, MDBC style? 😉

  24. I think lots of writers feel that way (including me.) You know, about seeing YOUR book on the shelf in a famous book store and seeing YOUR name!! I think that’s why so many young and aspiring authors look up to you: Your open, friendly, give advice, and inspire them. I’ve tried to write a book like a hundred times or more but I never seem to finish it. I can SEE it in my mind and how the story will play out and at first it works out fine. I guess you would call it ”writer’s block” but it never seems to get unblocked. It is very annoying. I guess I just need to find that perfect story and wait until I’m older and more experinced. That’s what everyone tells me to do but the thing is, I can’t wait. Stories just seem to be everywhere: in people, places, and even feelings I feel everyday. So thanks so much for giving advice and being so encouraging to everyone, including me. Love you!!!

    • Seeing a story in your mind is the first step, and a very important one. And trust me, all writers feel that the end result never q-u-i-t-e lives up to that shining image we hold in our thoughts. Don’t be too hard on yourself about the process — a LOT of stories end up unfinished or in the trash along the way, that’s just part of the journey. Think about going to the ballet, and seeing an amazing dancer — we in the audience don’t get to see all the YEARS of training and hard work and practice and failures that brought him or her to this point — we just see the end result and think, “I’m no good,” or “I’m not good enough,” or “I’ll never be that good.” Hogwash. If you’re willing to put in the hours dancing (or writing), it’s INEVITABLE that you will improve! Be patient and persistent, your stories will get longer and better and eventually will come close to those shining images you see in your mind. We’re all cheering you on!

  25. I have so many books I want to read!I’m really busy with school work though 🙁 I am gonna be soooo happy when all our finals are done! I also need to finish my book for book club which is next week! I also read the sneak peak for Once Upon A Toad and loved it 😀

  26. I’ll be on the lookout for toads! But I wanted to tell you that I will be singing “The Water is Wide” and “I am Sixteen Going On Seventeen” for a voice recital.And the funny thing is, I did’t even pick them out myself! My voice teacher recommended them to me right when i had just finished Pies & Prejudice for like the seventh time. Just wanted to put that out there!!

  27. I just finished Once Upon a Toad and I LOVE it. It is so awesome!!!! I read it in a few hours and I will read it many more times. Cat is awesome.

  28. That’s awesome! Also in that pic. there is a book called my very un fairy tale life its a awesome book. (not as good as the mother daughter bookclub books) i recommend it:)

      • Have you read all of her books Heather? I adore all the Books of Bayern (no offense cause you both are on my top seven favorite authors! Yes I have that many!) I love love love Goose Girl and River Secrets and her graphic novel, Rapunzel’s Revenge is pretty funny too. I love your books Heather!

        • I haven’t read them all, but the ones I’ve read I love. (And no need to apologize — book-love isn’t exclusive!) 😉

  29. so here i am watching the blackhawks game and looking for something to dop and i check out ur blog here it mentions barns and nobles and that set off a bell for me! i actually bought the second book in the mdbc series first and just put it on my shelf then one night i guess i was looking around cause i pulled it out again and thought, looks good. and here i am now, sharing my wonderfull memories. aaaaahhhhhh 🙂

  30. I just finished Once Upon A Toad, Heather, and it was FABULOUS! The plot line was definitely not similar to MDBC, but they do both have one thing in common—they’re both AWESOME! 😀

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