Top Secret!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it … listen to this podcast with Book Club for Kids about my Spy Mice books!

Even more exciting?  VALERIE PLAME is the celebrity reader!  And she’s absolutely terrific.  (If you don’t know who Valerie is, she’s a real-life former spy!)

Click here to listen…

Or, if you want to download the podcast, you can snag it for free on iTunes, on Stitcher, or on Soundcloud.


And many thanks to wonderful readers Ashley, Fatima, Josue, Mark, Marissa, and Bryan from LA’s Ambassador School of Global Education for participating in this podcast!  You rock!

Mission bonus:  Can you guess my favorite book?

12 thoughts on “Top Secret!”

  1. If the picture below is a hint for your favorite book then it would be Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White. (But that’s too easy) Maybe one of your books that you wrote yourself- the MDBC series, Absolutely Truly, etc.
    I’m not sure, can you give out a hint?
    Thanks a bunch! I love the Mother-Daughter Book Club series and was so sad when it ended.
    Lia Grammer

  2. Heather, do you ever plan to write anything about what happens to the MDBC girls later in their lives?

    (If not, maybe just tell me if Cassidy and Tristan get together? 🙂 I love them sooo much. But if the answer is no, maybe don’t tell me or my dreams will be crushed)

    • At this point I don’t plan to write any more about the MDBC girls … although a little bit about their world does occasionally show up in my Pumpkin Falls mysteries (“Absolutely Truly” & “Yours Truly”). And probably will continue to in future books. As for Cassidy and Tristan, well, they’re my favorite couple, so you guess the answer to that! 😉

  3. Hi I’m doing a research and have to right a biography as I chose you.I was wondering what some of your childhood was like and some family members names.I love your book The Mother-Daughter Book Club and I look forward to reading the rest of their series.Please respond as soon as possible.Thank You!

    • Best place to get this info is on the FAQ page of my website — then, if you have further questions, use the “Contact” page to get in touch with me directly, OK? 🙂

  4. Ok Thank You Very Very much!!! Also it’s a pleasure for you to actually respond that quicklyBut now I’m making a PowerPoint and trifold on you and your book “The Mother Daughter Book Club”.Thank You I love you and your great books

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