Yours Truly is here!

Actually, it’s been here for a while… but we still need to celebrate, right?

How does a giveaway sound? Good? OK, then, let’s do it!

I have two copies of YOURS TRULY to give away. It’s the second in my Pumpkin Falls mystery series featuring middle school private eye Truly Lovejoy and her family. This time around, maple syrup plays a featured role.

Yes, you heard me right — maple syrup!  In fact, ALL things maple. So, to enter the giveaway, just leave a comment below sharing your favorite maple treat and/or maple memory.

I’ll go first. My favorite maple treat? It’s a toss-up between maple sugar candy and maple walnut ice cream (preferably homemade — or from Kimball Farm). As for my favorite maple memory, that stretches w-a-y back in time to when I was a wee thing.

This isn’t a great picture, alas, but the memory is sharp and clear. That’s toddler me, being carried by my oh-so-glamorous mom somewhere in New Hampshire. We were visiting a sugar house (or sugar shack, as they’re sometimes called – you can see one pictured on the cover of YOURS TRULY). That’s where maple sap is turned into maple syrup. I can still smell that fragrant steam!

The winner will be chosen at random at midnight on May 15, 2017. Share this giveaway on your blog or Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or other social media for additional entries. (If you share on social media, please leave a link in the comments below so I can assign you an extra entry.)  U.S. and Canada only, please. Have fun!

29 thoughts on “Yours Truly is here!”

  1. I don’t really have many experiences with maple because I live in the south (Texas). But one time my aunt and uncle and cousins took a road trip up to Niagara Falls and they good us the BEST msple syrup it was,really good and it was from the Canada side of Niagara Falls. I used it on pancakes, waffles, ice cream, and any other sweet treat. The pictures they took and showed us of the north was really pretty and I’ve never been north before so it was a new site for me to see.

  2. My favorite maple memory is when my dad would make French toast with syrup for my birthday.

  3. I don’t think I have actually ever had a maple treat before, but I were to try one, I would want to pour maple syrup over snow, as I’ve read that in books before and it sounds really cool and yummy.

  4. When I was younger, I used to make myself pancakes on the weekends and I would dip them in a little bowl of maple syrup. Now whenever I have it it reminds me of when I was young:)

  5. I’ve never really had a maple treat, but I LOVE maple syrup on French toast!! My grandma makes French toast for my brothers and me every time we go to her house :)))

  6. My maple memory was when I first tried maple syrup snow. I had read it in books and was dying to try it. It was on a cold, snowy day. I had swiped a mug from the kitchen and filled it with snow. My dad stole a jar of maple syrup for me, and I poured (probably too much) into the mug. Legs swinging, I slurped down maple syrup snow in my own private winter wonderland.

  7. The only experience with maple that I can remember, I have with maple is when I made some maple peanut clusters.

  8. My friends once came over for a sleepover, and for break fast we had french toast with….. MAPLE SYRUP! Maple syrup + best friends = Perfection!

  9. Hey! I’m super excited about this giveaway!
    My favorite maple treat is fresh maple syrup but not from the store. My grandma was raised in NH and she has homemade rich maple syrup from NH. It’s always a treat when she brings some. I’ve never actually had and maple candy.

    Also, I would love to win this becuase I just started reading the first book and would Love to own one of them at least.

  10. As a Canadian I’ve had the experience of extracting maple syrup out of a tree many years ago and getting to taste the sweetness that it is!

  11. French toast + maple syrup/Pancakes + maple syrup . . . need I say more? I’ve tried maple sugar candy and it was a bit too sweet for me.

  12. My favorite maple syrup treat is maple sugar candies that I got as a treat when my family visited Vermont!

  13. My favorite maple treat memory is when my family and I were in Bath(incited by MDBC #4) and we came acros a tiny family run fudge shop. They made all of the sweets right in front of you and it was really cool to watch. We got some fudge and the maple walnut was the best thing I’ve ever tasted. Real maple like that is soooooo much better than the fake syrup from a bottle, don’t you think?
    Love you Heather!

  14. Hey Mrs. Frederick,
    My favorite maple treat is having French toast and SYRUP!!! I LOVE SYRUP!!! Love your books and always keep writing!! 😉

  15. My favorite maple memory was getting the BEST maple walnut fudge at a little family run fudge shop in Bath, England. It was so cool because they made it right in front of you, and would teach you how to do it and make your own fudge.

  16. My favorite maple treat is the maple donuts at Dunford Bakers! They are to die for!! Normally I hate frosting on anything but you can’t go wrong with maple frosting! Their donuts are so chewing and yummy! Just thinking about it I want one right now. My mom will surprise our school carpool sometimes and take us there after school since we live to one so close. Our whole carpool loves there maple donuts!

  17. Hello Heather! My favorite memories involving maple syrup goes back to when I was in elementary school. My school used to visit a Nature Preserve almost every fall, and it was always a treat to get a little bit of maple from the sugar house. My friends would always bring money, and I would always forget, so they would always share pieces of their maple candy they bought in the gift shop. Yum!

  18. My favorite maple memory is when my best friend, her brother, her dad, her mom, me, and my mom all went to an Audubon Society refuge and we learned a ton about maple sugaring…it was so much fun, and I have a vivid memory of the fields covered in snow and me and my BFF huddled happily under my umbrella. We learned so much and the best part? Afterward we got to go to the refuge’s shop and sample and/or buy maple syrup (and maple treats!)!

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