Absolutely Truly

Simon & Schuster, November 2014

hc: 978-1442413597

Absolutely Truly: A Pumpkin Falls Mystery (No. 1)

At almost six feet tall, twelve-year-old Truly Lovejoy stands out in a crowd whether she likes it or not. (She doesn’t.) So when her family up and moves to teeny-tiny, super boring Pumpkin Falls, New Hampshire, Truly doesn’t stand a chance of blending in. Helping out at the family bookstore one day, she discovers a mysterious letter inside an old copy of Charlotte’s Web and soon finds herself and her new friends swept up in a madcap treasure hunt around town. While chasing clues that could spell danger, Truly discovers there’s more to Pumpkin Falls than meets the eye—and that blending in can be overrated.


2014 Oregon Spirit Book Award!
2015 Edgar Award nominee for Best Juvenile Mystery!
2015-2016 Maine Student Book Award nominee
"Charming, slyly humorous ... a gentle winner."
"There's never a dull moment in Pumpkin Falls with Truly Lovejoy on the case in this contemporary, feel-good series opener."
"Fans of the author's Mother-Daughter Book Club books will rejoice for a new series with a similarly cozy New England setting, great characters, and literary references to beloved classics. . . ."
“Well-developed characters, a cozy community, and an intriguing mystery will warm hearts and pique readers’ curiosity.”
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