Babyberry Pie
Harcourt, Oct 4, 2010
hc: 978-0152059279
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Babyberry Pie

A rhyming recipe for bedtime. As Dad pushes his toddler on a tree swing in the backyard, the story in verse begins: “When the moon goes dancing / Across the starry sky, // It's time to bring the baby in / For babyberry pie!” Dad carries Baby inside, where both parents give him his bath. Before he's even dry, he races away—“Splish-a-splash— / He makes a dash”—and does some seriously messy mischief to a pie cooling on the windowsill. “Catch that giggleberry, wiggleberry one!” Back in the tub Baby goes, before he's finally settled into his pie crust (that is, quilts and pillows piled high). “It's time for pies / To close their eyes // And dream a lullaby.” Schwartz's clean, homey illustrations use pen-and-ink for crisp outlines and gouache to give her pastel palette a bit of pop. Children and parents on their ninth or tenth reading will love spotting the benignly smiling moon, clad in a pink shift and sporting tiny, pipestem limbs, on her own parallel trip to dreamland. A lovely variation on “Patty Cake” for the very young.

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