The Black Paw, Spy Mice #1
illustrated by Sally Wern Comport
Fifth-grader Oz Levinson has always dreamed of being a spy, just like his hero James Bond. In real life though, Oz's 007 moves are seriously lacking. Then he stumbles upon Glory Goldenleaf, a secret agent mouse based in Washington D.C.'s International Spy Museum. Glory is a tiny spy with a huge problem: the evil rat Roquefort Dupont has kidnapped her father, and she needs to mount a rodent rescue! Recruited to lend a helping hand, Oz and his friend D.B. are swept into an exciting world of small-scale espionage. Armed with high-tech gadgets, pigeon power, and a whole lot of cheese, Glory and her team won't rest until justice is done.
Applause for the Book
“Think Stuart Little meets 007.”
“...James Bond meets The Borrowers—007 eat your heart out.”
For Your Paws Only, Spy Mice #2
illustrated by Sally Wern Comport
Adventure is in store when a secret agent mouse and her fifth-grade friends travel to New York City. Glory Goldenleaf, spy mouse extraordinaire, is assigned her first solo Silver Skateboard mission—to tail the evil rat Roquefort Dupont all the way to the Big Apple. He’s paws-deep in a diabolical plot that could affect the international rodent community, and Glory’s determined to find out what it is
Joining Glory in the big city is fifth-grader Oz Levinson, who’s a finalist in a junior bake-off contest. He and his friend D.B. will be competing against the best bakers in the country on live TV! But when Glory gets mouse-napped in Manhattan, Oz and D.B. need to stage a rescue mission. It will take all of their spy skills to save their favorite mouse, stop the rats’ dastardly scheme—and pull off the perfect dessert.
Applause for the Book
“A ripping yarn that rattles along at a cracking pace, this is funny and sharp and allows no paws for thought.”
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Goldwhiskers, Spy Mice #3
illustrated by Sally Wern Comport
Oz Levinson is beyond excited when his family decides to spend winter vacation in England. The chance to tour London (a.k.a. James Bond’s home base) and get a break from the school bullies will make this a very jolly holiday indeed. Even better, his friend Glory Goldenleaf— world-renowned spy mouse—is along for the ride.
Soon though, their vacation turns into a business trip. A series of jewel thefts have left the police baffled, and Glory has her eye on some pocket-size suspects. It looks like Goldwhiskers—the richest rat in the world—and some familiar rodent villains have their paw-prints all over this. Then the rat thieves go after the big cheese: the Crown Jewels. In a race to return England’s national treasures to safety, Glory Goldenleaf, international mouse of mystery, and her friend Oz are on the case!
Applause for the Book
“A 24-carat mystery.”
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