Fan Mail Friday

September 16th, 2016

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  Summer sped by in a blur, and here it is September, and the beginning of my favorite time of year. I love fall. I love the way the air feels, when there’s that tiny bit of a chill at night letting you know autumn is on the way. I love the sound of crickets, and the first yellow school bus sighting, and the sidewalks and stores crowded with excited kids carrying new backpacks bristling with new school supplies. I love knowing it’s almost time to go apple picking, and drink cocoa, and go hiking in hills and forests dressed in their bright autumn finery, and pull out sweaters and boots that have been languishing in the back of my closet, waiting for cooler days.

Speaking of cooler days, one of you sent me the most AMAZING present that will not only come in handy this winter, and will also have a special place in my heart forever.


It’s a mother-daughter book club scarf!

Emma, it’s absolutely GORGEOUS and I absolutely ADORE it! I hope you all can see how awesome this is — try clicking on the picture and see if it expands. Emma carefully chose yarn colors to match each of the first six books — there are shades of pink for The Mother-Daughter Book Club, blues and greens for Much Ado About Anne, lavenders and blues and yellows for Dear Pen Pal, peachy pinks for Pies & Prejudice, red white and green (of course) for Home for the Holidays, and blue and white and red for Wish You Were Eyre.

It’s perfect.

Emma is from Canada, and she’s off to university this fall. She wrote me a letter to go along with the scarf, a letter that made me cry (happy tears), telling me about how she discovered the series when she was 11, and grew up with my fictional book club girls. “Thank you for giving me friends for a lifetime,” she said in part.

Thank you, Emma, for being such an amazing friend, and for your incredibly thoughtful gift. I will treasure it!

(P.S.  I hope you have a BLAST at university!)



Fan Mail Friday

July 15th, 2016

So how many other writers have been immortalized in CAKE?! Am I the most fortunate author in the world or what?!

Stephanie's Wish You Were Eyre Cake

This is lovely Stephanie’s WISH YOU WERE EYRE cake that she dreamed up for her middle school’s “Bake A Book” activity.

Cool, huh?

I absolutely adore everything about this confection — the Eiffel Tower, the dresses, the pastel-colored macarons dancing around the edge – it’s pure genius!

THANK YOU for sending me these pictures, Stephanie!

I love your creativity and am honored you chose my book to “bake”!  🙂

A Mother-Daughter Book Club quiz for you

February 5th, 2016

Here’s a little quiz sent in by one of my readers — thank you, Sabina!  How fun is this?!

Which mother (or grandmother) are you?

You’re in charge of dessert for your family today. You…
a) Bake a chocolate volcano cupcake
b) Make macaroons
c) Bake whole wheat, sugar free rhubarb cookies
d) Go to the local ice-cream shop and bring some ice cream home
e) Bake a coconut cream pie
f) Bake brownies

You like…
a) Cooking
b) Paris and fashion
c) Making the world a better place
d) Literature
e) Gardening
f) Acting

It’s your child’s (or grandchild’s) birthday! You give them…
a) Sports-themed jewelry
b) A trip to Paris
c) 100 trees planted in your child’s name
d) A boxed set of novels
e) An educational trip
f) A cake decorating class with you and your child

You and your child (or grandchild)…
a) Have different interests, but not very distant
b) Are super close
c) Are VERY different!
d) Are super-duper close!
e) Aren’t very close
f) Except occasionally, close

If you answered mostly…
a) You are Mrs. Sloane-Kinkaid!
b) You are Gigi!
c) You are Mrs. Wong!
d) You are Mrs. Hawthorne!
e) You are Mrs. Chadwick! (Isn’t that fantastic?)
f) You are Mrs. Deleany!


Which daughter are you?

Your house is…
a) An ultra-modern house
b) A cozy Cape Cod-style house
c) A little house on a farm
d) A victorian “Painted Lady”
e) A stiff, formal house with a stiff, formal garden

People would describe you as…
a) Fashionable
b) A bookworm
c) Super smart
d) Sporty
e) A frenemy

Your hobby is…
a) Sewing and designing clothes
b) Reading and writing
c) Helping rehabilitate animals
d) Playing sports
e) Cheerleading

You’ve had a bad day at school. To cheer yourself up, you…
a) Read a fashion magazine
b) Work on a poem
c) Volunteer at an animal shelter
d) Go to the rink or other place to play sports
e) Go to the mall

It’s your turn to pick a book for book club! You pick…
a) A book on the history of fashion
b) Jane Eyre
c) A story about a horse or other animal
d) A biography of a famous sports star
e) A “diary” book about middle school drama

If you answered mostly…
a) You are Megan!
b) You are Emma!
c) You are Jess!
d) You are Cassidy!
e) You are Becca!
Which father (or stepfather) are you most like?

Your job is…
a) An accountant
b) You don’t have a stable job yet, but for now, pizza delivering!
c) You work on a farm
d) A writer
e) A computer whiz

You like to…
a) Watch sports
b) Play volleyball
c) Do farm work
d) Read and write
e) Fiddle with technology

If you answered mostly…
a) You are Stanley Kinkaid!
b) You are Mr. Chadwick!
c) You are Mr. Delaney!
d) You are Mr. Hawthorne!
e) You are Mr. Wong!

Anybody want to share who they got?  Feel free to comment below!  

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