Searching for Pumpkin Falls

In Which a Writer Goes Looking for Her Own Fictional Town A few weeks ago, after spending the past six months cooped up in our apartment near Boston, my husband and I decided that we needed a little more horizon in our lives, a little more fresh air than what we manage to get walking

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A new bridge to my world

Covered bridges are magical, aren’t they? A throwback to a time when horse and wagons clip-clopped over their wooden floorboards and the voices of people long gone echoed in their rafters, they’re a bit of an endangered species. Here in New England, you can still find them tucked away on country roads, though, and this

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Heather Vogel Frederick

Q&A with yours truly

Couldn’t resist, sorry! I know that Yours Truly is the title of one of my books, but I really truly do also have a Q&A with moi to share with you. (Oops, there I go again …) Click here to read it. And that’s not all! Click here if you’d like to read the “Page

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Some things never get old

One… Two… Three! My author copies arrived this week — always a banner day! This means I finally get to share my new “baby” with family and close friends. And place a copy where I can look at it often, like any proud mama. For authors, books really are our babies. We pour our hearts

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3-2-1 Truly! Part Two: Beginnings

The countdown to Really Truly, my third Pumpkin Falls mystery, continues today with a peek at how the series came about. It’s a bit of a tale, so buckle up. . . . Absolutely Truly, the first book in the series, sprang to life because of a happy convergence of several factors: A long-cherished desire

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3-2-1 Truly!

Or should I say, 3-2-1 REALLY TRULY? My next Pumpkin Falls mystery is due to hit bookstores in three days, and I think some festivities are in order! How about we start with a conversation between me and my main character, Truly Lovejoy, to kick things off? The two of us talked on Zoom –

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