Calling “Sunshine Reader”!

If your nickname is Sunshine Reader and you sent me an email recently, could you please contact me again with the correct return address? Or include your mom or dad’s email address (those usually go through)? I tried to respond to you but my email to you bounced back. . . . 

It’s always a sad day when I’m unable to respond to someone’s nice note. (And yes, I have a backlog of snail mail and email I’m working my way through — be patient with me!)

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2 thoughts on “Calling “Sunshine Reader”!”

  1. hello, I wanna say real quick I am not sunshine reader so sorry to disappoint you hahah but i do wanna shine a light on the fact that you havent been responding and i know emails get backed up and so do comments but is everything ok? im just really worried im sure other fans can back me up here but we dont want anything to happen to you ya know? just checking that your doing ok.

    • Hi Moriah – All is well! Yes, email and comments are backlogged. I was finishing the new book (Truly Madly Sheeply) and will be blogging about it in the new year. Lots going on here aboard the good ship Frederick (good things, exciting things) and I’ll spill all that in the new year as well! Hang in there and thanks for checking on me! 🙂 HVF


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