Paging Krista…

If your name is Krista, and you live in California, and you emailed me a few days ago — I tried to email you back, but the address didn’t work!

To answer your questions, YES, you can get an autographed book — there are two ways to go about this:  #1, you can mail me your book, along with a mailer with return postage on it, and I will autograph it and mail it back to you.  #2, you can send me an SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) and I’ll mail you back an autographed book plate, which you can then stick in your book.  My snail mail address is:  P.O. Box 80442, Portland, OR  97280.

And YES, I’d love to visit with your book club!  I visit with clubs via Skype or speakerphone often, and will be happy to schedule a chat with you and your friends and moms.  Send me another email and we’ll find a date that works for everybody.

Hope you get this message, Krista!  Thanks for writing to me!

All the best,


P.S.  I hope to be visiting some bookstores in California later this fall, so keep an eye on my “appearances” calendar — maybe I’ll be signing at a bookstore near you, and can autograph your book in person.