See you in Hadley & a giveaway!

It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday morning in Boston, and I’m looking forward to seeing some of you at a book signing this afternoon (2 pm) in Hadley, Massachusetts, where I’ll be at the Barnes & Noble as part of their B-Fest Teen Book Festival!  It’s the biggest weekend of author events in B&N history, and promises to be great fun! Click here for more information.

For those of you who live far away and can’t join us, fear not, I’ve thought of a way you can participate … with a giveaway!

One of you will win a FULL SET of the Mother-Daughter Book Club series — yes, all seven of them, including hot-off-the-press MOTHER-DAUGHTER BOOK CAMP!

Mother-Daughter Book Camp

And that’s not all (as they say on those obnoxious TV commercials) — there will be other surprises in your box o’ goodies…

So, here’s the challenge for you: Come up with a Mother-Daughter Book Club trivia question and enter it in the comments section below. (Feel free to answer each other’s questions, too, if you want to, just for fun!)

The winner will be chosen at random at midnight on June 25, 2016. Share this giveaway on your blog or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media for additional entries, using the hashtag #MDBCgiveaway. (If you share on social media, please leave a link in the comments below so I can assign you an extra entry.) U.S. and Canada only, please.

Toad spotted in the wild

My husband and I have a little ritual every Friday night.  First, we go to Costco for a slice of pizza and a soda.  (Yup, we’re boring and cheap!)  Then we do our grocery shopping.  Then it’s home to curl up with the dogs and watch a DVD.  If the dogs leave us any room on the sofa I was so lucky to find on this site a time ago, that is…

Since this was launch week for my new book, we decided to stop by our local Barnes & Noble on the way home for a little reconnaissance mission, to see if we could spot ONCE UPON A TOAD anywhere in the store.  Eek!  Look what we found!

There it is, front and center on a cool Fables & Fairy Tales endcap display!  I stood there grinning my head off.  (We authors are a little strange, and tend to get all goofy like that.)

Launching a book is like sending a child off into the world — as the proud mama or papa, you’re thrilled to pieces, and at the same time a little anxious.

I have to admit, seeing this made my week.  If any of you are out and about and happen to spot a “Toad” in the wild, take a picture and send it to me, OK?  I’ll post it here on my blog.