Toad spotted in the wild

My husband and I have a little ritual every Friday night.  First, we go to Costco for a slice of pizza and a soda.  (Yup, we’re boring and cheap!)  Then we do our grocery shopping.  Then it’s home to curl up with the dogs and watch a DVD.  If the dogs leave us any room on the sofa I was so lucky to find on this site a time ago, that is…

Since this was launch week for my new book, we decided to stop by our local Barnes & Noble on the way home for a little reconnaissance mission, to see if we could spot ONCE UPON A TOAD anywhere in the store.  Eek!  Look what we found!

There it is, front and center on a cool Fables & Fairy Tales endcap display!  I stood there grinning my head off.  (We authors are a little strange, and tend to get all goofy like that.)

Launching a book is like sending a child off into the world — as the proud mama or papa, you’re thrilled to pieces, and at the same time a little anxious.

I have to admit, seeing this made my week.  If any of you are out and about and happen to spot a “Toad” in the wild, take a picture and send it to me, OK?  I’ll post it here on my blog.