Extraordinary ordinary life

Part of  a writer’s work is being observant.  I try and go about each day with my eyes and ears wide open.  You never know when an idea will come your way, or when you’ll see or hear something that might add color and life and richness to the texture of a story.

Plus, ordinary life is just so full of extraordinary beauty!  Look what I found tucked away in a quiet corner of the airport in Austin, Texas recently:

An art exhibit on handmade lace!  In an airport, no less!

These little wooden things are called bobbins:

And somehow, by an intricate system of weaving them over and under each other, beautiful patterns appear:

That’s a lace collar.  Breathtaking, isn’t it?  I can picture Elizabeth Bennet wearing it.  And check out this cami and shawl:

The intricacy and detail are stunning, aren’t they?

This is my favorite:

A rooster made entirely of lace!  Who could ever dream that something as astonishing as this would be possible simply by the weaving together of thread?

I have no idea whether I’ll ever use the art of lace-making in a story.  Viewing this exhibit added richness to my life, though, as well as to an idle hour at an airport.   And these kinds of “beauty” deposits to one’s memory bank can’t help but reap dividends when we put pen to paper.

What Hannah said…

So a blog comment below from one of my young readers included this great line:  “… to read from the past will bring you a great future.”  Hannah was talking about classic books, and how my series has inspired her to read some of them.

I’ve certainly found this to be true in my life — for one thing, all those classic novels I read as a teenager inspired me to write the mother-daughter book club series!  And for another, knowing and living with characters like Jo March and Anne Shirley and Elizabeth Bennet and Betsy Ray enriched my life immeasurably, and gave me a circle of friends that stretched back almost 200 years.

Let’s brainstorm on Hannah’s comment for a moment.  How has reading classic books enriched YOUR life, and how do you see reading them bringing YOU a great future?