More fabulous fan art

My mailbox is overflowing again with all sorts of goodies — what creative readers I have!  Take a look:

That’s a picture of Megan Wong by the talented Emily.  Lovely!  And check out these collages — I love how vibrant and unique each of them is.  This first one is from Mariah:

And this one is from Hannah:

Absolutely yummy, both of them!

Here’s a new screensaver from Sarah — totally cool stuff…

How do you girls DO these things?  I consider myself a bit of a techie, but there’s now way I could figure this out, that’s for sure.

Carlee sent me a trio of fun tidbits, all inspired by my books.  There’s this one:

And this one (which Cassidy would totally love and want for her wall):

And finally this one, for all you Francophiles (look it up) reading this blog!

Click here to view a very cool slideshow that Alaina put together on JANE EYRE for a school project for those of you getting a jumpstart on WISH YOU WERE EYRE.  Nice work!

Thank you so much, Emily, Mariah, Hannah, Sarah, Carlee & Alaina!!!  ♥♥♥♥♥♥