Saturday Story Starter

Welcome to Saturday Story Starter 2014!

I’m hoping to make this a more regular feature of my blog this year, so check back often for new story starters, OK? As those of you who have participated before know, this is purely for fun, just as a way to exercise those writing muscles (think of it as Heather’s Literary Gym). There are no prizes, only the simple joy of putting words on paper (well, OK, computer screen). Also, I won’t be offering critiques, just brief words of encouragement, but I will read all your entries, that I can promise!(And if you’d like to read some of the earlier stories that have been shared, click here and here and here and here and browse to your heart’s content.)

What with the Polar Vortex (don’t you love that name?) we’ve been experiencing and all, I think we need a blast of summer to kick off 2014, so here’s this week’s photo:

Maui Toes

Yep, those are my toes, taken a number of years ago when I was researching THE EDUCATION OF PATIENCE GOODSPEED. Bliss!  Going on location for research is one of the perks of a writer’s job, and this was a particularly great gig, especially since I’d never been anyplace tropical before. I know it looks like I was on vacation, but seriously, I was working!  And now it’s your turn to get to work.

STORY STARTER:  Use this photo as a springboard to invent a character. What’s her name? Where’s she from? What is she doing on this beach? Describe her for us in detail. If you want to spin this into a story, go right ahead. If you just want to write a character sketch, that’s fine, too. It’s up to you. And if you need a jumpstart, here’s a first line you can use:

Her toes had never been this happy before…

Ready, set, WRITE!