Fan art Friday

Boy, do I have some gems to share with you all today!

First, from one of you who didn’t identify herself aside from initials (perhaps she prefers to be anonymous?), a drawing of Megan’s outfit from p. 294 of WISH YOU WERE EYRE:

Megan 294 WYWE


WOW!  This is fabulous — she totally nailed it, don’t you think? Well done!  (And feel free to reveal yourself if you’d care to so we can all congratulate you.)

Next, I received a letter recently from Colette, who included a pair of beautiful collages.  I can’t decide which one I like best, they’re both so wonderful:

Collage 1

Collage 2


Aren’t these FUN?  I love the way she wove everything together! You’re so creative, Colette!

And then last but absolutely not least, wait until you see this INCREDIBLE gift I received from my friend Sue!  She had the idea of turning a box of Trader Joe’s chocolate bars into a “boxed set” of my books, but wasn’t sure how to do it.  Her daughter Eliza stepped in, and this is the result:

Boxed Set A



Boxed Set B

Isn’t this amazing?!  Way too pretty to eat!*  Every side of the “box” has a cover of one of the books.  I have it on my dresser and have been admiring it all week.

THANK YOU, everyone!


(*OK, confession time:  I figured out how to carefully open the box of chocolate bars from the bottom, so nothing would be harmed, then slip them out one at a time, remove the chocolate from its individual box, and slip it back into the “boxed set.”  Nothing comes between me and chocolate….)