The countdown begins…

… just 28 more days until it’s time to head back to Pumpkin Falls again!

That’s right, there’s another rollicking mystery on the horizon featuring middle-school sleuth Truly Lovejoy! 

The book is available now for pre-order from your favorite bookseller — and keep an eye on this blog, as there will be giveaways to celebrate as publication day (January 31st) approaches …


27 thoughts on “The countdown begins…”

  1. Hi. My name is Tatum and when I was in middle school I was on your website every day reading and writing comments. I loved it. Recently (long story short) I almost went blind (okay well kind of… the sight is okay but it hurts to move my eyes and actually see at all so I have to function blind). But I have finally gotten to a point where I have figured out the accommodations and things enough to navigate a computer well again, so I wanted to share my story kind of like I remembered you had. I started a blog about all of the vision issues I have faced and how I have stayed positive (for the most part) through it. I would love it if you would be able to read a post or two because your blog really inspired me as a kid. The link is Thank you!!!

    • Oh my goodness, Tatum, your blog is so inspiring! I don’t know which post I liked best, but I have to say I cheered when I learned that you finished reading Harry Potter in BRAILLE!!! Awesome accomplishment!!! I love your courage, and faith, and sheer backbone — which reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, which you may recall Mrs. Hawthorne sharing with Emma in Wish You Were Eyre: “Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be.” No worries about that for YOU, my dear. Onward and upward!

      • Thank you so, so much for reading it! You have no idea how much that means! I am so glad you liked it so much. I actually do remember that quote and I like it a lot. I have definitely had to “grow a backbone” during this process, but it has been a very good thing. Thank you!

        Oh and speaking of the Harry Potter, I am 30 pages away from finishing book 2!!!! I want to re-read all of them in braille before the end of the school year, because that is when I have to give my braille note (which is what I read them on) back to the school district. Don’t know if that is going to happen, but I sure am going to try to do it if I want to be at college level next year! SO I agree, Onward and upward!!! Thank you so much!

    • oh my gosh! i just saw your blog and read a couple posts and LOVE it. i admire your determination and faith through all of it! People like you in the world are the most inspiring 🙂

      • Thank you so much, Mary! Your comment means a lot. I am so glad you liked it! I figure if I’ve had to go through something like this, it’s my responsibility and a gift that I get to share it with others and help and possibly inspire wherever I can! Thank you for reading! 🙂

  2. I’m so excited!!! I loved Absolutely Truly and now I can’t wait for the sequel. Your books have connected me with so many people. I know sixteen is over the age range, but I still love reading your books. My favorite part is being able to share them with others!

    • Samantha, as far as I’m concerned NOBODY is “over the age range” — a good story is good when you’re five and when you’re ninety-five, right?! 🙂 Thank you for appreciating and sharing my books!

  3. Wow! What is the first book called? If it is set in pumpkin falls, then i totally want to read it! Is it like, camp lovejoy pupkin falls? if it is, Squee!!!

    • The first one is Absolutely Truly. The second one (just about to be pubished) is Yours Truly. I’m writing the third one (no title yet) now… 🙂

  4. Hi Mrs. Frederick
    Cannot Wait my friend got me to read the first one once upon a toad, MDBC, and a few others! I LOVE THIS SERIES THE MOST! Thanks and ALWAYS keep writing!!

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