Fan Mail Friday

So how many other writers have been immortalized in CAKE?! Am I the most fortunate author in the world or what?!

Stephanie's Wish You Were Eyre Cake

This is lovely Stephanie’s WISH YOU WERE EYRE cake that she dreamed up for her middle school’s “Bake A Book” activity.

Cool, huh?

I absolutely adore everything about this confection — the Eiffel Tower, the dresses, the pastel-colored macarons dancing around the edge – it’s pure genius!

THANK YOU for sending me these pictures, Stephanie!

I love your creativity and am honored you chose my book to “bake”!  🙂

Fan mail (and fan art) Friday

This just in from Claire, one of you who was recently in PARIS!

“It was so much fun and I took WISH YOU WERE EYRE with me and tried to go where Megan went. We drank hot chocolate at Angelina’s and had ice cream at Berthillion and went to Laduree but I didn’t eat any macaroons. It was awesome!”

*sigh*  I’m trying not to be envious.  Oh to be in Paris right now … it’s supposed to be gorgeous in the Spring!  And how fun that my book inspired some of Claire’s jaunts around the city.  Do you know how cool it is for a writer to hear that? (Answer: Very Cool)

Claire also sent some artwork along.  Check it out:

Claire's MDBC cover

I swear I have the most talented readers in the world.  I love this! Thank you, Claire.  🙂

Happy weekend, everyone!


Fan art Friday

Boy, do I have some gems to share with you all today!

First, from one of you who didn’t identify herself aside from initials (perhaps she prefers to be anonymous?), a drawing of Megan’s outfit from p. 294 of WISH YOU WERE EYRE:

Megan 294 WYWE


WOW!  This is fabulous — she totally nailed it, don’t you think? Well done!  (And feel free to reveal yourself if you’d care to so we can all congratulate you.)

Next, I received a letter recently from Colette, who included a pair of beautiful collages.  I can’t decide which one I like best, they’re both so wonderful:

Collage 1

Collage 2


Aren’t these FUN?  I love the way she wove everything together! You’re so creative, Colette!

And then last but absolutely not least, wait until you see this INCREDIBLE gift I received from my friend Sue!  She had the idea of turning a box of Trader Joe’s chocolate bars into a “boxed set” of my books, but wasn’t sure how to do it.  Her daughter Eliza stepped in, and this is the result:

Boxed Set A



Boxed Set B

Isn’t this amazing?!  Way too pretty to eat!*  Every side of the “box” has a cover of one of the books.  I have it on my dresser and have been admiring it all week.

THANK YOU, everyone!


(*OK, confession time:  I figured out how to carefully open the box of chocolate bars from the bottom, so nothing would be harmed, then slip them out one at a time, remove the chocolate from its individual box, and slip it back into the “boxed set.”  Nothing comes between me and chocolate….)


A review and an interview

Many thanks to Booking Mama for her kind words of praise for WISH YOU WERE EYRE!  Click here to read Julie’s lovely review.

And then hop on over to Cindy Hudson’s wonderful Mother-Daughter Book Club: Reading Together for Life website and check out her recent interview with me about the latest book and the series.  Click here to read it.



Fan art Friday

Wow, do I have some treats for you today!  A trio of incredible pieces of artwork sent to me by two of you.  (By the way, if you click on them, they’ll enlarge for you so you can see the detail.)

First up, check out this Flashlite magazine cover designed by Cassie:

Cassie did this for a school assignment.  I’m not the least bit surprised that she received 100% on it, and that her teacher had this to say:  “I never have seen anything more unique and well done! It looks as though you have traveled and visited Fashion Week in Paris and studied it.”  (Nope, says Cassie — no trips to Paris, just to the pages of WISH YOU WERE EYRE!)

AWESOME job, Cassie!

And here are two drawings by Emma.  I just LOVE all the details!


Aren’t these FABULOUS?!  Thanks, Emma!



WYWE winners!

Recipe for giveaway fun:

1.  Take one dog bowl and fill it with treats …


2.  Add over 250 names plus two eager dogs (preferably Shelties named Bonnie and Billie) …



3.  Ready, set, go!  (note blurry action shot as names are ejected from the bowl in the mad rush for treats)


4.  Gather up winning names…


5.  Drumroll please … time for the big reveal!


And the winners are — LACEY COLE, whose dream trip would be to Concord, Massachusetts; OONA, who wants to see Paris and about a zillion other places but doesn’t like airplanes; and BOOKLOVER B, who can’t decide between Paris, Italy, and Concord, Massachusetts!

Congratulations, girls!  Look for an email from me soon — I’ll be sending off your autographed copies of WISH YOU WERE EYRE as soon as I have your snail mail addresses.  Thanks for entering the giveaway, everyone!

Only two more days until PUBLICATION DAY!    Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!